A Different Kind of Lawyer, a Different Kind of Law Office Experience

Sure, I’m a lawyer, but I’m not a stuffy guy.  I relate to my clients as people, as individuals, and I want them to be comfortable in all our dealings.  That’s why my setup is entirely different from any other law office you’ve probably ever seen.

  • First, I come to my clients.  We meet at their offices, homes, a nearby coffee shop, or wherever else is convenient for them.  I like to meet on their turf, both to put them at ease, and to find out how their business operates or what makes them tick.  I don’t charge for my travel to client meetings, not for my time, or even mileage expenses.
  • Second, much of my work, for both my estate planning and business law services, is on a flat-fee basis.  Once I analyze a client’s needs, I quote a price, take payment, and the client won’t be hit with hidden charges on the back-end.  While I cannot provide this type of arrangement in all matters, especially litigation cases and other long-term engagements, I do strive to be transparent in all my financial dealings with my clients.
  • Finally, you get someone who really cares.  I know when folks need a lawyer, it’s usually because some type of problem has come up, or they’re just unsure where to turn for help.  In such times, they need a trusted advisor, someone who has their best interests in mind.  I can be that person.

So, if you’re thinking of starting a business, you need to have a will drawn up or reviewed, or you just need some sound, professional advice in any kind of civil legal matter, I hope you’ll think of me.  Please call or e-mail me to see if I can help.